Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So im home. Hungover, but home. Spent the last 6 days with my googlie bear. without a computer. i almost forgot how to type. heh. anyways, the weekend went well. we got a lot of cleaning done, went to the beach and i took this picture. Pretty huh? isnt the NICEST. but the camera i got is a heaping pile o' shit. but it was way cold so we didnt walk on the beach for too long. basically long enough to freeze my ass off.

We went out and bought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. which is amazing. i watched it 2 times. Dom and candi came over and hung out for a while, aunt cindy came too. it was fun.

we went to great lakes crossing on saturday. it was alright. didnt buy a single damn thing, which kinda sucked. ate at A & W for lunch, came home and chillaxed. it was good times. Sunday was the one month mark of mine and robs happiness. we rented some movies, i cooked us breakfast... illbeit at 3pm, but it was still breakfast.

i wish i could remember all the things we did, but im retarded and forget stuff. i remember that yesterday i called into work sick and stayed in bed till 8pm sick as hell. decided to fix it by drinking, so today im hungover.

goin over to dads tonight. apparently kellie bought me and rob some towels for the apartment. yayness. i think everyone is happy gettin me out of their hair for a while. I decided to leave my clothes at robs and wash them on thursday when i clean his clothes.

DEC 2ND! gunna go see cooter and the general lee at the birch run expo center :-)

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Blogger Jillian said...

okay... so she buys you and rob towels but gives me the damn cold shoulder whenever I'm there lately. Hmmm.. Anyways. I get out of work at 3:30, then home to get new clothes and stuff for lower case g, and then to Dad and Kellie's to take him over there. You should just wait, and I'll pick you up on the way. Call me at work WEINER

11/15/2005 9:48 AM  

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