Thursday, November 24, 2005

yay for being overstuffed like the bird i just ate...

Happy damn turkey day loyal readers. here is my first holiday post in the WLHore block of goodness. started off the day with a kiss from rob, and a frozen backside from not being covered up all night in below freezing temps. well then my door wouldnt open. and then i had no gas. then rob bought me gas. then i went onto us-23 and sat still in traffic for 45 minutes. if i woulda went 5mph the whole way here it would have taken me 8 hours to get home! jesus effin christ.

but no, i went on the highway, made my way into town and stopped by grandmas to pick up some scrumptious deviled eggs. YUM! and then quickly made it to dads to sit and watch football. we got the whole fam damily together today. fan-damn-tastic! so we ate and such. just shot the shit for a while about nothing particular. heh. ate some DAMN good food. like whoa on the stuffing. and then jillian and i got happy with the camera! w00t...

***psycho aunt mary in the hizzouse!***

Yeah im crazy.

and this new computer of my dads is a heaping pile or blogger is being a huge WLhore! cuz it isnt showing the pictures. unless that involves flash or something. i dunno. i DO know that we got some cute video of gavin today...!

OH here is samantha holding gavin!

and this computer BLOWS at keeping up with my awesomeness... asspuppets

ill upload more from home i guess


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big he is already. Seems like she just had him not too long ago. SOOOOO cute. That picture of your two is adorkable.


11/29/2005 2:22 PM  

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