Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Mary

Im happy. So happy. Its christmas eve, I called rob, and his family talked to me on the phone and apparently i got presents. Which is spectacular, alltho they didnt have to. Its nice to be so accepted by a family. so im going to go down there tomorrow and goto aunt stephs for the other xmas party. I feel so bad i couldnt afford to get anyone anything, but i guess they understand.

So its the eve before the fat man comes. Reminds me of when i was little and we heard footsteps on the roof and me and jillian were so excited that we could hear santa and that i was gunna tell everyone at school. then i heard a large slide, and a boom, followed by "ow." We figured out it was dad, but we didnt care. Its the little extra that counts.

I stayed home tonight to be with grandma. shes kinda down in the dumps this holiday season. Shes lost a friend, a daughter, a husband, and numerous acquaintences over the years and since we dont have a party here till new years eve, this night, grandma just kinda sat home depressed. I skipped out on church and all festivities. I fetched us some mcdonalds (only thing opened) and we sat and talked for a while and it was nice. Its gunna be wierd having grandma livin on her own, same with me. but i guess i need to do it.

So, I dunno whats going on fer now. Im gunna be at robs tomorrow, thru the 28th, and prolly come home early morning and work that night... I hate not spending the holidays with rob. it feels so wierd.

I couldnt be any happier if i tried. dont worry, ill take PLENTY of pictures tomorrow. speaking of, i should prolly charge my camera tonight so i gots juice for the part-ay.

For the first time ever tonight, i said something i only heard aunts say... i told rob to give all the family a hug for me. either i feel old, or i feel well accepted. i heard everyone in the back shouting to me. Its nice to feel wanted. I guess Aunt Cindys kid leah walked in and without saying hi asked rob "where is mary?" and he didnt answer. a few minutes later she sat with him and said "really, wheres mary?"

Im so not used to being accepted this much. not even by my own family. *twilight zone music*

Thursday, December 22, 2005

yee haw... that was hard to do

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

oops.. forgot...

sorry to the..2 ppl that read this. forgot to update here. so used to using tee hee. so here we go...

not much has happened since the last post forever ago. rob and i are still happy n such... holidays are approaching with a fucking vengance. arg. hate holidays. hate them more when i cant spend them with rob. too many family gatherings. I dont think i have any new pictures other than rob sledding down the stairs. but its really dark.

My ex came back to town. and has been blowing my phone up. He goes back to london in a week. thank god. i dont want anything to do with him. and rob wants to kill him. so that is always a good time, right?

theres mah sexy mayan. going down tonight to spend the night with him and pick up xmas presents i forgot.

Monday night robs parents came in from england to spend the holidays with the family. we all went to Bishop to pick them up and it was a good damn time. His mum and dad are really cool. and they like me which is always a plus. Hopefully ill be moving in with rob by end of january, depending on when i get a job and when his parents leave.

So far this christmas ive gotten a new shiney stick of massive 1gig ram. From my buddy raphael in Colorado, and 300$ from grandma to help me with selling my desktop and buying my laptop. I already gave rob his one gift, a new deep fryer. he likey. we deepfry everything now. fries, cheese sticks, chicken, burritos, yeah... burritos. didnt know ya could. but ya can.

My boss gave me 6 bottles of tobasco sauce. the expensive stuff. so thats another present to rob hehe. I gotta return his poker chips since his aunts already bought him a table top and chips. i dont know what to get him instead. I confused. Maybe a new hat from tractor supply. he wants a dickies trucker hat i guess. so maybe ill get that. I gotta go out and get guys xmas present here cuz its just easier and closer to find a best buy here to get a gift card.

so i guess thats it for marys lame post. more to come.