Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The birthday is nearing

Rob is going to be 21 on friday. So i departed into the pandemonium that is bestbuy and walmart during regift/return season. i originally wanted to buy him :

but i looked high and low thru all the cds. even the ones not even in the "little big town" slot. to see if someone picked it up and put it back where it didnt belong. but to no avail. so i did the next best thing... random cd he doesnt own yet:

and about a hour ago i got a stroke of genius. i know how much he wants that cd, so i searched torrents and downloaded the entire album... well im trying. not so easy. only 2 ppl in the network have it. and like 30 want it. so its goin slowly.

i also redid my myspace...

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