Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy new year. It was good times i guess. rob got to my place around 6ish and we sat around and bullshitted nsuch. then the next day we all met up at red lobster. For those of you who havent had the
"oppourtunity" to dine at red lobster... dont. i have yet to have a good experience there. I ordered my normal chicken strips and french fries only to be greeted with a shitty seating choice since they didnt hear "smoking preference." so all 15 of us got to move to another room. I recieved said meal only to find that it resembled that of something from mcdonalds. the chicken instead of battered dipped were gross chicken nuggets. And my fries were cold. luckily i already had my salad cuz that was all i ate. they said they ran out the day before so thats what they were using. so i told them to take it back. they returned and said they had the other stuff but wanted to get rid of the other crap first so they remade my lunch but by then i was no longer hungry. took the crap home and reheated it in the deep fryer.not so bad. but still a shitty experience. I was sick all day and jillian was pumpin me full of zanax so id stop being on the verge of tears.

Returned to the home to open presents. Rob got a crockpot, a shirt, gloves, a poker game, wallclock, and a tar'get gift card. I recieved a 25$ gift card to best buy, 50$ from uncle clyde, a retchid holiday sweater from grandma, and a horrid set of purple sheets from grandma. the latter of the 2 will be returned on my arrival home. so i bought 37$ worth of gas and bought myself and rob each a 12 pack of beers. we then departed from the house to head to home to unpack and get ready to goto aunt stephs house. we got there and started drinking a little here and there. overall i drank 3 beers all night. midnight hit and me and rob locked lips to ring in the new year.but then that was quickly taken away by his parents wanting hugs. made a lot of noise, lit a lot of fireworks. it was a really good time.

so we woke up and had belgian waffles which was alright. got home and got me a lovely nap while rob went to his nans to have dinner with the family. and then they all went to see chronicles of narnia. as for tomorrow goes... rob is going to meet up with his dad and then meet up with me and jillian at terminix to pick up the new couch and then jillian and i are going to lunch. then i have no idea whats going on. i am going to hang out here till tuesday. then come back friday or something. His parents leave a week from tomorrow.

so theres marys big fat holiday update. enjoy.

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